Orphans Vulnerable Children and Youth Programme (OVCY)

OVCY programme that address drivers of HIV
Holistic community-based care and support services that aimed at mitigating the impact of HIV, AIDS and violence on children • Socio-economic and health promotion • Access to interventions that reduce vulnerability, that contribute to the prevention and support access to and retention in treatment. In ensuring that the above priorities are achieved the Ekupholeni multi-professional team case managed psychosocial interventions by ensuring that all children and adolescents that are living with HIV and AIDS have access to the following services: • Health- Interventions are tailored to ensure that children and adolescent stay HIV free, Safety- interventions that are promote and safeguard the welfare of children e.g. child protection, services School- Interventions that promotes the children cognitive development by attending school and promote sense of community within the school environment and Stability- interventions that reduce economic vulnerability of children and adolescents e.g. commercial sex .