About Us

Ekupholeni Mental Health and Trauma Centre is non-profit organization.

The organization engages in individuals, families, and communities in a comprehensive, holistic process of healing, recovery, and empowerment.

The organization was established in 1994 by a psychologist who was employed by the Department of Health; it was established as a response to the potentially long-term effects of trauma caused by community violence and killings. 

The community members suffered a tremendous political violence during the 1980s, during which thousands of people died, some were injured and displaced.

The outcome of this political violence coupled with social problems such as poverty, family breakdowns, HIV/AIDS and overall community instability traumatized the whole community.

The organization’s first clients were boys/ young men from the former self-defence units, who had to deal with the trauma of violence and war-like conditions which they had experienced during the pre-election period in the 1990s.

The organization has experience in promoting social justice, gender equality, strengthening community response to HIV, and/or promotion of social and behaviour change communication programming.

Ekupholeni has vast understanding and experience in community development, social facilitation, and community mobilization.

Furthermore, the organization can use evidence-based approaches to promote social justice and gender equality and improving linkages between health facilities and communities.