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We have evolved continuously

to provide relevant support for the region’s changing needs.



We bring Hope and Light to the communities we serve


What We Do

substance abuse, family breakdown, school absenteeism and gang activity



Bringing Hope and Light to the communities we serve


Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)

The IPV programme proactively promote access to HIV testing services and support Stepping Stones participants in accessing HIV services and Post GBV services.

Victim Empowerment Programme (VEC)

Prevention Services whereby the organization engage victims of crime and violence in sustainable social and economic development programmes that seek to enhance their quality of life.

Social Crime Prevention Programme (SCP)

The programme provide services to all persons at risk and in conflict with the law , ensuring social protection and contributing to a safer society , in support of law enforcement and crime combating initiatives.

Adolescent Girls and Young Women Programme (AGYW)

The Programme is for Adolescent girls and young woman aged 10-17 years are reached with Vhutshilo 1 and 2 as structured evidence based primary preventions programmes.