Homework Centre Group

Homework centre is a life skills group that seeks to assist Primary School learners who are from different cultural and social backgrounds with their homework and to also provide them with life skills.

The homework centre aims at guiding and equipping learners for meaningful and successful living in a rapidly changing and transforming society.

Objectives of the programme

The homework centre was established as an after-school programme that is providing a safe and suitable environment for children to get assistance and complete their homework. The homework centre provides less distractions for children, compared to their homes as its space is quiet, supportive, and interactive.

This intervention helps improving children school performance and boost their self-esteem. The homework centre uses circle of courage as its intervention tool to assists children to know who they are, it allows them to unleash their potential, it allows them to have sense of working together and it also capacitates them to be independent.

This is discovered through group work activities where children are given a chance to take a lead in assisting one another with homework while being monitored by the programme implementers which promotes their mastery skills component in circle of courage. When children share and impart learnt knowledge with one another it also promotes their sense of generosity and this exposure is also confirming them being able to do their school work independently as their sense of independence components on circle of courage.

Children in homework centre are recognised by programme implementers hence they are given more attention. This is done through dividing the group according to grades phases which are as follows, Foundation phase (grade R-3) gets allocated a programme implementer to work with them, Intermediate phase (grade 4 and 5) gets allocated a programme implementer as well as (grade 6 and 7) gets allocated a programme implementer to focus on them.

This makes the group to have a total number of 3 programme implementers. Programme implementer’s assists children with their homework in line with their school curriculum and also offer life skills to them as part of the group programme.

During this COVID 19, programme implementers observed that children ability to spell got affected due to them being away from school for a long time.

Programme implementers had to embark on getting the spelling skills of children revived.

Spelling bee competition was recommended as a model or approach that will draw children interest and motivation to learn hard and fast in reviving their spelling skills as there will be a goal that one will be looking forward to achieve which is the achievement award.