Gender Based Violence

Gender Based Violence is prevelant in South Africa.

Objectives of the programme


This prevalent in South Africa. The high level of gender-based violence; the risks and impact of which are exacerbated by the co-existing social problems of poverty, organized crime, substance abuse, unemployment and HIV/AIDS. Gender-based violence takes the form of rape, domestic violence, and sexual abuse of children. Therefore, the organization renders holistic therapeutic community based services to victims of any forms of violence with special focus on sexual abuse of women and children.

The organization programmes are preventative, developmental, accessible, affordable, appropriate, cost-effective and outcome based. As part of interventions, the organization engage victims of crime and sexual violence in sustainable social and economic development programmes that seek to enhance their quality of life through comprehensive assessments, counselling and referral.

In South Africa the organization is the leading role player in addressing trauma caused by gender-based violence. Through our stakeholder engagement and relations with the Department of Health, Social Development and National Prosecution Authority we provide holistic psychosocial support services.

We help survivors to effective deal with the trauma of living with the fact that they have been sexually violated. The programme also focus on Intimate partner violence.


Ekupholeni is a Leading Role Player in Addressing GBV Trauma 


The overall programme is an enhanced-based gender responsive programme.
Our psychosocial support services to people that are experiencing trauma due to sexual violence which is frequently complex and long-term.

In 2017 the organization was acknowledged as number one in South Africa that was able to conduct outcome based court 3 preparations for sexually abused children and that led the Palmridge High court to be number one in South Africa to prosecute and sentence perpetrators of high numbers of cases of sexual abuse of children.

The organization also renders preventative programmes in the community (in our Domestic Violence, Don’t You Touch and Children’s Rights Campaigns).

The organization group therapy gives insight, into the nature of gender-based violence and its relationship with factors like poverty, HIV/AIDS, human rights, etc.