Children and Adolescent Living with HIV (CALHIV)

The CALHIV programme emphasizes on strengthening interventions with a focus on children and adolescents living with HIV and AIDS (CALHIV), providing them with care and support interventions supporting adherence to antiretroviral treatment(ART)

Objectives of the programme

The project aim is to identify children and adolescents living with HIV (CALHIV) and provide them with a comprehensive care package focusing on disclosure and adherence counselling and ongoing access to ART including viral load suppression. This project will require close working relationships with district Department of Health and local clinics providing support to these facilities to trace all CALHIV not adhering to treatment.
• To identify and support CALHIV ensuring access and adherence to ART, reflecting reduced and /or undetectable viral load. The intervention will target CALHIV, 1-17 years and their caregivers.
• CALHIV should be provided with a comprehensive care package that is determined by conducting risk assessment and developing and implementing care plans to address individual and family challenges that may impact on adherence. Interventions are expected to emphasize:
o Disclosure and Adherence counselling (individual and/or group)
o Referral and linkage of CALHIV to access ART.
o Tracking ongoing adherence of CALHIV to ART including viral load suppression
o Psychosocial care and supportive counselling for overall well -being.